Kesho Wazo x Yourself

In the Fall of 2016, Kesho Wazo got the opportunity to collaborate on a visual mural installation  with Detroit-native and artist Ray Spectrum. The mural was featured in Space Gallery. The project was inspired by Portland’s housing crisis. Kesho Wazo took photos of areas within Portland that are being gentrified and held an event discussing things to do to prevent this crisis.

About Yourself : Yourself is the identity used for a series of works with a constantly changing collection of both artists and non-artists, collaborating on projects involving viewer-consciousness and public discourse. These projects began in 2011 during a series of public mural projects in Portland before extending to Oakland, Seattle and Detroit in 2013. Defined as a “collaborative” in that there are constantly changing participants working together, Yourself offers a prism of perspectives and media. Working in such a way has brought together the diverse practices of the collaborators such as bike-building, graffiti, installation, journalism, painting, performance, photography, printmaking & writing. Recurring collaborators include Alex Milan Tracey, Asker: 3 Dots the Third, Bike A.R.T., Jennifer Quartararo, Johnnie Olivan, Liena Saturn, Ray Spectrum, and Richard Mutt.